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Be House-Hunting Savvy When Searching for Your Florida Keys Home

If you’re planning to buy a home in the Florida Keys, chances are you’re looking forward to your house-hunting search for just the right place to live. It’s always best to view a home before you decide to make an offer, but there are several tips to keep in mind which can make your hunt a smooth success. With a bit of planning ahead you can tour open houses and view properties with ease.

Remember the Internet is just the starting point in any home search. Gone are the days when your Realtor® would print off various listing flyers for you to review. Now house-hunting begins online. While real estate sites provide a lot of information and great photos, just keep in mind that you won’t get a true sense of a property until you’re there in person. The key is to keep a level of caution when viewing online listings, some may not live up to their expectations, while others may surprise you as ‘hidden gems’.

Know what you want in a home but be flexible too. While we all have dreams of the perfect home, chances are you won’t find every single thing you have on your list of desired features. It’s more likely you will find a house with many of the things you want. Unless a property is missing something you need, give a property which meets a good portion of your checklist a chance.

It’s possible a home you find can be updated to include something you want later. Organize your list into categories, Must-Haves, Want-to-Haves, and Would-be Nice-to-Have. Don’t forget to list out what you don’t want as well. Knowing how many floors are acceptable for example will narrow down the field of view-able listings and save a lot of time.

If you have a buyer’s agent, plan to view a home with them, you can give your agent your questions to ask the seller’s agent or home owners. Your agent may also be able to share additional insights such as neighborhood amenities that are on your most wanted checklist. If you tour a property without your agent, let the seller agent know you have one and ask for their card, so your agent can reach out should you decide to make an offer.

Make your days touring open-houses or viewing appointments as efficient as possible. Dress comfortably and plan for the weather. Leave the kids at home for the first time you view a house. This will help ensure you’re not distracted by small wandering hands or tired toddlers and can focus on the property. The same goes for Fido. It’s best to leave your pet at home.

Following these basic tips will be a big time and stress saver during your house-hunting days. Learn about more things to consider when searching for a home with this HouseLogic article. Life’s lived well in the Florida Keys. If you’re ready to experience year-round Keys living, or it’s time to sell, you can rely on my team and I to help you through the entire process. Please contact me, Jimmy Lane, for all of your real estate needs.

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