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Consider the Location Before Buying Your Florida Keys Home

The old real estate adage, “Location! Location! Location!” has a lot of meaning behind it. When it comes to searching for property, there are some key aspects of location to keep in mind which can help you find the right home for you.

Find specific neighborhoods you would like to live in. If you’re familiar with the Florida Keys, chances are you know which Key you want to live on, but have you discovered the best neighborhood for your needs and lifestyle?

Learn more about specific neighborhoods in Key West and other towns along the Keys with a search on Neighborhood Scout. This site covers the basics such as demographics, education resources, crime and health information. You can also find more information about the top real estate market neighborhoods such as the Truman Ave/ Simonton St. or City Center neighborhoods.

While you can find a lot online, nothing beats being there in person. Even if you know the area well, plan to spend some time scoping out the neighborhoods you are most interested in. Be sure to check out the area at different times and on different days. This is an excellent way to find out how much regular traffic a neighborhood has, whether nearby parks are popular and if there’s an active night life or not.

Once you have narrowed down your neighborhood preferences, think about what type of lot you want. If busy streets are a big no for you, be sure to let your Realtor® know before you start viewing homes. How close is too close when it comes to neighbors? If you prefer a bit more room, include bigger lots in your home search, and consider a corner lot so you have fewer neighbors right next to you.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding location is where the trees are. Mature trees provide shade keeping homes cooler and enhancing energy efficiency, adding value to these properties. Thinking of the future, if you buy a home with trees your re-sale value is likely to be higher than a similar home without them. If the home you find is low on trees, consider planting some as soon as possible.

In the Florida Keys water is another important location aspect to consider. Depending on the Key, oceanside or bayside properties tend to be worth more on the market. Those who want to be near water but aren’t up for oceanfront property can check out homes along our canals or inlets. Whatever your preferences for living near water, be sure to keep them in mind as you search for your ideal home.

It may sound cliché, but “Location! Location! Location!” is worthy of consideration to help ensure you are happy with the home you buy. When you’re ready to experience life in the Florida Keys year-round, or want to buy or sell a home in the Key West area, please contact me, Jimmy Lane, for all of your real estate needs.


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