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Don’t Let Small Home Repairs Turn-Off Potential Home Buyers

When preparing to list your home on the market, it’s natural to worry about potential big issues, such as whether you need to replace your roof or if there’s been flood damage in the past. There’s also a range of smaller, easy-to-fix repairs which can be forgotten but shouldn’t. Potential buyers are looking for a home which is as ready to move in as possible. If you have small issues or repairs that still need to be done, they cold have a big impact on the offers you receive.

Small home repairs are a case of prevention being the best medicine. So, before you list your property, take a close look around your house and get any repairs needed done. It’s ok if you’re not a DIYer, in fact, it’s probably best to have professional help with your repairs. You’ll then have a paper trail related to the work done which can be a big benefit in the negotiation process, or if a repair happens to not be up to par.

Here’s a list of common small home repairs to watch for:

Window & Door Screens. If you have an rips or tears, or they are simply old, replace the screens around your house. This is vital for life in the tropics. Home buyers won’t want to deal with ratty looking screens, which can also increase the potential for pest problems down the road.

Broken Light Fixtures. This should not be a surprise. There’s nothing worse than blown out light bulbs or broken fixtures. Updating old, worn or broken light fixtures can have a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal and potentially help save you money in energy use.

Sticking Windows and Doors & Drawers. Check all your windows, doors, cupboards and drawers. Anyone viewing your home will be sure to do so. If your cabinetry or window and door frames have thick layers of paint, this could be a big part of the problem. Before you sand them down however, take precautions if you have an older home, you don’t want to release lead-based paint without the proper gear.

Worn Decking. If your deck or porch is in need of repair, it’s best to get this fixed or replaced if needed. If it’s in decent shape but has seen better days, a fresh coat of stain and weather-proofing sealant will make your deck look like new, and appeal to potential buyers.

Leaking Faucets & Pipes. Be sure to check all your faucets both inside and out. Your check should include the pipes below sinks too. If you think there may be a slow leak but aren’t sure, place a bowl below the potential issue faucet or pipe and check it daily over a 3-day period to see if any water collects. Like electricity, plumbing is a home repair best left to professionals.

Dirty Vents & Filters. These should be replaced regularly for the best home miniatous on your appliances and HVAC systems. Whether they’re in dis-repair or not, when listing your home, fresh, clean filters will go a long way towards helping potential buyers feel good about how a home has been cared for by the seller. The small cost and easy of replacing vents and filters is worth the effort.

Get more insight on some small home problems which can have a big impact on buyers with this video. When it’s time to sell your Florida Keys home, or, you’re ready to experience life here year-round, you can rely on my team and I to help you through the entire process. Please contact me, Jimmy Lane, for all of your real estate needs.

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