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    Key into Our Past with the Key West Historic Marker Tour

    By Jimmy Lane | November 3, 2018

    Key West is full of history and has been influenced over the years by various cultures, groups, world events and local resources, which can be seen throughout our architecture. Our buildings have a past as much as our communities do. When we can connect to days gone by, we can connect to our own history... Read More

    Key West Market Stats for September 2018

    By Jimmy Lane | October 20, 2018

    This month’s Key West market stats report shows some interesting results. At first glance, sale prices and units sold show up to and beyond a doubling of figures, incredible for any market, right? Then, we take a moment to think back to one year ago. Yup, you guessed it, we were dealing with the aftermath... Read More

    Let the Key West Fantasy Fest Begin!

    By Jimmy Lane | October 5, 2018

    It’s almost time for what could be the biggest party across the Florida Keys; Fantasy Fest will be in full swing October 19th-28th. Ten full days of all kinds of fun await the residents and visitors around the Keys. What started out as a small but elaborate costumed parade inspired by Halloween has grown to... Read More

    Be House-Hunting Savvy When Searching for Your Florida Keys Home

    By Jimmy Lane | September 24, 2018

    If you’re planning to buy a home in the Florida Keys, chances are you’re looking forward to your house-hunting search for just the right place to live. It’s always best to view a home before you decide to make an offer, but there are several tips to keep in mind which can make your hunt... Read More

    Key West Market Stats for August 2018

    By Jimmy Lane | September 21, 2018

    August home sales in Key West saw a significant increase in sale prices alongside a steady rate of overall sold listings; residential real estate held strong as summer began to wind down. Sale prices climbed significantly, with the average list price for August 2018 at $898,278 compared to $697,142 a year ago. This is a... Read More

    There’s Nothing Like a Florida Keys Scenic Vista

    By Jimmy Lane | September 7, 2018

    There’s nothing like the striking and vast ocean views you can find around the Florida Keys. When you can get these views unobstructed they’re even better. Our amazing landscape is something which has long attracted people here and is worth protecting and retaining. Many of our parks help do just this. Monroe County parks are... Read More

    Florida Keys Canal Cleanup Underway

    By Jimmy Lane | August 24, 2018

    Chances are you’ve started seeing work crews in the canals around Monroe County. The start of a huge cleanup has finally gotten underway, excellent news considering the impacts of Hurricane Irma. An article recently published by The Blue Paper outlines the project plans and funding to accomplish this major community project. In short, the funding... Read More

    Key West Market Stats for July 2018

    By Jimmy Lane | August 15, 2018

    July was a steady month for the Key West residential real estate market with only slight fluctuations compared to July 2017. Listing prices are still climbing, with the average list price for July 2018 at $948,166 compared to $925,485 a year ago. This is a 2.45 percent increase in year-to-year data. Median list prices for... Read More

    Don’t Let Small Home Repairs Turn-Off Potential Home Buyers

    By Jimmy Lane | August 10, 2018

    When preparing to list your home on the market, it’s natural to worry about potential big issues, such as whether you need to replace your roof or if there’s been flood damage in the past. There’s also a range of smaller, easy-to-fix repairs which can be forgotten but shouldn’t. Potential buyers are looking for a... Read More

    Get Creative with a Contained Garden

    By Jimmy Lane | July 28, 2018

    Balcony, porch, patio or deck, these spaces in your Florida Keys home can become an oasis of cool relaxation. An easy way to do this is through container gardening; potted plants give you design flexibility and an architectural focal point for these exterior spaces. With the right plants and design ideas, you can up your... Read More