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Solar Incentives for Florida Keys Residents

Making the switch to solar power should be easy for anyone living in the Florida Keys. We have the perfect climate; this is the Sunshine State, yet solar panel systems are still not on every block. Installing a solar panel system will not just add value to your property and help conserve energy. Going solar can also help your bottom line when you know which programs and incentives are available.

If you live in the upper or middle Keys, there is one great option worth considering before you do anything else in terms of going solar. The Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association (FKEC) is the region’s answer to establishing a solar co-op. Members of the FKEC, a non-profit, member-owned utility, can get into the solar game for a lot less than you may expect. As a member, you can lease solar panels from the FKEC, saving the huge expense of purchasing and installing your own solar panel array. You can also save more money on your electric bill, as you will get credit from the FKEC for any extra energy created by your solar panel.

Financing for a solar panel system is often the biggest challenge when it comes to going solar. In 2010, Florida passed state legislation in support of the National PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program. This legislation helps ensure long-term, low-cost financing options are available for residents wanting to upgrade their homes for energy efficiency, including installing solar panel arrays. You can discover more about the programs available for Florida residents at Another funding option which may help is SELF, or Solar and Energy Loan Fund, a non-profit which specializes in helping residents acquire the funding they need.

Did you know Florida residents can get a 100% property tax rebate on the added value of renewable energy updates? These rebates cover not only solar panel systems, but also other renewable energy installations such as solar water heaters and geothermal heat pumps. Check out for a comprehensive list of what’s covered.

If the visual design of solar panels isn’t all that appealing to you, there’s another option on the market. Last year, Tesla announced the release of their solar roof tiles, specially formulated glass shingles which give the look of a stylish roof from ground level, while discretely housing the solar cells. The idea is to appeal to the aesthetic side of home value and architecture. These could be the way to go solar for you.

There are more solar powered homes today than in years past. Home owners, businesses, and organizations have begun to embrace the energy conservation of solar power and the benefits which follow-so can you. When you’re ready to experience life in the Florida Keys year-round, or want to buy or sell a home in the Key West area, please contact me, Jimmy Lane, for all of your real estate needs.

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