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What Should You Do When Wildlife Lands in Your Florida Keys Yard?

One of the benefits to life in the Florida Keys is the close proximity to nature, and all her beauty and wonder. This includes wildlife. We have a wide range of unique species which help make this area special, such as the Key Deer. Many homeowners and wildlife are reaping the benefits of creating a Backyard Habitat, where landscaping is done with flora and fauna conservation in mind.

There are also, unfortunately, invasive species found here such as the Green Iguana. Then there are the unexpected visitors to our yard and gardens, native or not, which need to be rescued or humanely removed. This was recently highlighted when a 250-pound loggerhead turtle was found in a resident’s pool on Islamorada. The turtle was rescued and returned to the ocean so this story has a happy ending.

If you are faced with unexpected wildlife on your property, connecting with professionals who know how to help wildlife is the best option to take; this can help avoid injury or stress on the animal in question, and for yourself and family as well. But who do you call for help?

Here in the Florida Keys there are a variety of wildlife assistance options. The organization or business you contact will depend on what type of animal is in your yard, and possibly your specific location. The Key West Wildlife Center is most likely the best place to begin with a wild animal issue, most notably for wild birds, sea turtles and other marine animals. For domestic animals, the Florida Keys SPCA is a great resource to look to for help, not just for lost pets or feral cats and dogs, but for rabbits, hamsters and small lizards, too.

The Florida Keys is very well known for our wild bird populations as well as our marine life, in particular, sea turtles. To this end we have some incredible organizations dedicated to helping rescue and conserve these animals. The Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center and Marathon Wild Bird Center are two volunteer groups ready to respond when wild birds are in need of assistance. The Turtle Hospital, dedicated to rescue, rehab and release, is an organization you can turn to should you find a stranded turtle in your own pool.

If you have an invasive species such as the Green Iguana, or a nuisance wild animal on your property such as possums or snakes, professionals such as Animal Control Solutions are worth considering. Not only can they help safely and humanely remove wild animals from your home or garden, they can also help you take measures to prevent the animals coming back.

Life in the Florida Keys is made better for the connections we have with incredible wildlife. When it comes a bit too close to home though, there are ways to get help, protect the animals and stay safe yourself. If you are ready to enjoy life in the Florida Keys year-round, or want to buy or sell a home in the Key West area, please contact me, Jimmy Lane, for all of your real estate needs.

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