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Truman Annex Real Estate

Just like most of Key West,  Truman Annex has a lot of historic significance. The most noted spot is the Harry S. Truman Little White House. However, before Truman’s time, a lot of history was made on that spot.  

It  was originally built as first officer’s quarters on the base of the submarine station. Then, President William H. Taft went there to inspect the construction of the Panama Canal. Later, during WWI, Thomas Edison stayed there while he donated his time perfecting 41 underwater weapons in six months time. 

Having been told by doctors that he needed rest in a warm climate, President Truman came in 1946. He loved it so much, he promised to return, which he did a couple times a year. With the communications technology advancing, Truman discovered that any place the President was could be considered “The White House”, hence the title, Truman’s Little White House. Several subsequent presidents used the site also. It is now a State Historic Site and Museum.